I have found over the years that many people ask me what certain terms mean when it comes to cakes and other confectionary goodies. So I have taken their requests to put together some of the most asked definitions that pertain to cakes. After all, it is a good idea to know your medium before delving into your cake creation. I want to help you get the most out of your cakes and I hope that this reference will become a useful tool for all you cakesters!

The best part of this cornucopia of cake information, is to have you (the best people out there :), to contribute your knowledge as well. I mean, I know quite a bit about cakes and all, but who really knows everything, right?

So please add your thoughts and comments to any of this cake knowledge. It will only make it better and we can all benefit from it. Besides. Who knows? Someone that contributes some really awesome information may just win some cool cake swag!

So REmember — Add Your Thoughts And Comments And Cake Knowledge. Let’s See What We Can Create Together For Everyone.


Cake Tools –

Frosting Spatula – This is not your typical spatula. It is specifically designed for decorating cakes. Most cake decorators will tell you this is one of their most used tools for making cakes. It comes in many sizes. The larger types are primarily used for spreading a lot of frosting around a cake quickly (for most cakes that you will make, it is not necessary). The smaller size spatulas are perfect for detailed frosting techniques.

Hobby Knife – Sometimes referred to as an X-Acto knife


Ahem, ok, I still need to get my act together and put up cake 101 info. Please be patient, but go ahead and add your knowledge for everyone to see.