Rio Cake

A Stroll Down Memory Lane (Pram or Stroller) Cake

This was one of the first cakes that I made for a client, which meant I now had to see if my cake skills were really good enough for someone else. Up to this point, I had made cakes for friends and family. I was nervous to see what I could create, but also excited to take on the project. I figured I would create the cake the same way I had done with all my other cakes. So I sat down at my computer and began designing the structure for the cake.

In this case, the cake was going to be a stroller, or more specific, a pram. The cake would be for a surprise baby shower and I knew the baby would be a girl, so we went with pink and decided on making the cake in the shape of a pram stroller. As soon as I knew the theme, I began looking at pictures of prams, lots of pictures until I found one that would make a great model for the cake. I like to blow up the pictures of the object so that I can see more detail of the parts that put it together. This is where my engineering kicks in and I begin to draw the parts to scale for the cake I am making and then draw them out with all the dimensions and begin creating the parts. So, even though I’m engineery (that’s a technical term 🙂 ).

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