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Bakugan Brawl! This Cake Was Ready To Rumble!


When you think of a kid’s birthday party, you often think of cartoon characters, animals and super heroes. This cake was no different. If you have a boy (or girl) between 5 and 9, you probably have heard of Bakugans.

This cake was an exact creation of such a character.  I made this cake for my own son who turned 7 last year. He was really into bakugans at the time and I knew that he was going to ask for a bakugan cake. I did not know which one he was going to choose, but when it comes to any bakugan, they are all pretty complex.

His choice (drum roll please……) was the Darkus Fear Ripper, which sounds like a seriously bad dude, and he was. I had to make this cake for at least kids, since my son insisted on inviting his whole class to his birthday party at our house.

All the kids were so excited for the party and thought the cake was a big toy. So I knew I had succeeded in making the cake look as real as possible.


Build Base Out Of 4 Sheet Cakes

I decided the easiest way to have enough cake was to build the bakugan body out of chocolate cake and then frost each layer using buttercream frosting and finally crumb coating the whole thing too. I would later add a second layer of frosting, the same color as the bakugan itself (in this case black)

a word of note about using black food coloring. Be careful about using too much as the taste is not the most appealing. Also, wait a few minutes as it takes food coloring a few minutes to reach saturate in the frosting.

As you can see in the picture below, the cake has been sculpted and coated with the first layer of buttercream frosting. Again, I used sheet cakes stacked on top of one another and then sculpted the sphere by hand.

You can certainly use a round bowl for your sphere, but if you want to make designer cakes, you will have to learn how to sculpt the shapes you need…just in case you were wondering 🙂

One other thing… if you decide to use a bowl to make your half sphere, you will need to cut a flat on the bottom of the sphere, otherwise your cake will fall over. Keep cutting the flat until you are satisfied with the stability of the cake.


half sphere for bakugan body


Sculpting Tip

When any cake calls for shaping or sculpting, you should always have a template to guide you. In this case, I created a circle template for the bakugan body so I had a guide to keep the sphere circular.

Creating a circle template is as easy as using a compass, or a circular object to create a perfect circle. I like to use a compass so I can create any size circle I like. You can get a compass at any office supply store.

Once you create the circle with your preferred object, simply cut out the circle and you are ready to go. One final note… use a piece of wax paper between the template and frosting, otherwise you will have a sticky mess on your hands.

Now you can sculpt the cake with confidence because you took the time to create a nice template to follow.


How To Build A Bakugan Cake

Constructing the bakugan cake took lots of planning to determine what it would take to build and actually make the cake look realistic. I knew that I would need to build a support for the arms and claws of the bakugan.

Now there are many ways that you could build this, but I like to build the parts myself and you have to factor in the time for this as well.

I would recommend that if you are going to build the cake parts you should give yourself a couple of days before you start the cake, otherwise you will be building and baking at the same time, not a good way to manage your time.

As you can see here, there are several parts that make up the arms and claws for the bakugan cake. In the background you can see the drawings that I made for building the cake. Building any cake takes planning. You need to take the time to draw up plans and figure out dimensions for your cake. If you have trouble with this, you can always look online for some help with your design idea. Sometimes I like to search google for pictures of the object I am going to draw. This helps me visualize the object and get a better idea of how to design it.


wood and paper mache cake parts for bakugan cake


Building The Claws For The Cake

I always go through the same process when I am going to build a cake. First, I have an idea, but then I stare blankly at a piece of paper while I try to come up with some design ideas. Then the inspiration hits me and I begin working on the parts for the cake. First, I need to decide what size to make the cake, then I can figure out how big the whole cake will be and start drawing it out.

Use Paper Mache To Build Parts For Your Cakes

For the bakugan cake, I would need a big sphere to make the claws (the claws are the big white things in the picture above). The best sphere I could think of was a basketball, so I raided my kids sport organizer and found one. I decided that paper mache would be the best solution for making the claws, it is easy to get supplies (paper, flour, glue and water) and it would be rigid and strong when it dried. Fondant would have been a poor choice. I think that foam would have worked also, but it would have been a lot of cutting, shaping and sanding.

This was a fun project to make the paper mache parts and my kids joined in to layer the ball with strips of paper dipped in the “glue”. Always have a plan for building your parts and you will enjoy success with your cakes.

This is the end of Part 1 of Building A Bakugan Cake. You can check out Part 2 for the next steps.



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